Monday, May 19, 2008

A Covenant - Deuteronomy 27

My wedding photo hangs proudly in our home. With a mere glance it takes me back to that perfect January day. My wedding day was euphoric, it symbolized a forever covenant I made before God to: love, honor, and serve my husband. To me that picture represents one perfect moment in my imperfect life.

Moses created a similar ceremony for the Jewish nation, a time of rejoicing at the alter, built for the Lord (vs. 7) in thanksgiving for His faithfulness. Moses praises the nation and declares, “This day you have become a people for the Lord your God. (vs. 9)” Their time of rejoicing is bittersweet, for they are again reminded of their tendency to serve idols and turn away from the Lord. Twelve curses are placed before Israel as a reminder of their wandering hearts.

A photograph can represent a perfect moment, but not perfection. We are all walking examples of sin and its consequences. Praise the Lord that it didn’t end with us being broken and cursed in our sin! We all carry the scars that remind us of our disobedience, but as Christians we have the blood of Jesus that washes away all the guilt and shame that plague our flesh.

Thank you Jesus that through your law came the knowledge of sin (Rom 3:19) and through Your blood came our redemption!

· What were the Israelites told to build?
· What does the “Amen” at the end of each curse mean?
· Who would be considered an Alien in verse 19?

· What symbols or “altars” do you have in your home that reminds you of God’s faithfulness?
· Have you asked Jesus to wash away your sins so you can stand before God a new creation? If not, pray today and ask Jesus to free you from the bondage of sin.

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