Sunday, May 25, 2008

Butterflies Have Sprung!

Drew had his last day of Pre-school on Wednesday. I can't believe it. I decided to take some pictures of Drew with all his artwork. My house is only so big, so only the most near and dear get to remain. The rest we have fond pictures of!

(Drew with the world's best preschool teachers!)

Our Butterflies are out! We all were able to see 2 come out of their Chrysalis'. Wow, it was amazing, a total transformation. Drew was very impressed! We will be letting them go in a few days, right now we're enjoying watching them eat Oranges and fly all over the pavilion. Do far, unit study #1 is a huge hit! Unit study #2 will be pulled out shortly. I've been scouring the Internet to find creative ideas for things to occupy our creative minds this summer. I'm thinking "music" and maybe renting a 1/4 size violin for a few months just so Mommy can give Drew some violin lessons. He talks about playing the violin all the time, we'll see!

John was so wonderful and bought me a huge monitor for my computer. My eyes are terrible, I went in finally and had my prescription changed. However, I never will be able to see 20/20 unless I switch to gas permeable contact lenses. So I'm constantly squinting and have headaches from eye strain. John is so awesome! My new eye doctor did say she would work with me if I wanted to try contacts again. For the lenses and such it will run around 1,000 so I think we're going to wait until the Fall. I dread switching because it takes tons of sets to get a pair that will actually stay on my eyes. My corneas aren't convex like most eyes, due to macular degeneration, so contacts fall right off.

Gabe had a great week. He is trying to crawl already! He hates to sit up, he just rolls forward into the crawling position until he gets tired. He is sleeping well and eating a ton. Nothing too new to report!

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