Saturday, April 19, 2008


We have returned home to Texas, the weather is in the 80's and beautiful! My flowers are in full bloom and planting season has arrived! John and Drew "Batched" it while Gabe and I went to Oregon for my Nana's 80th Birthday (surprise!) I also spent some much needed girl time with my best friend Bethany. We had fun coloring our hair, doing our nails, straightening our hair, and cleaning her shower (a story for another day)! Gabe loved being the center of attention and watching all the action. He behaved well on the plane rides, just fussed a little because he wanted to sleep in his own bed. It was a great time of relaxation. I somehow acquired hives while in Oregon and went into the doctor when my eyes swelled shut. I'm much better now but the medicine keeps me awake and jittery. I go back Monday to my O.B so hopefully she can give me something new.

Drew and Daddy had fun putting in french drains, I arrived home to that sweet surprise! John enjoyed his week alone with Drew and worked on Drew's heart attitude. Of course there has been plenty of testing now that mommy is home again. Drew missed me tons and the first thing he said at the airport was "Mommy, I missed you!" He smiled all the way home chatting about mommy going to Oregon, but now being back.

I added more pictures to the picture page so you can see just how much fun we had!

Now we are preparing for our Spring Camping Trip, I went shopping today, I can't wait for a full weekend of roughing it!

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