Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thought Provoking Conversation from a 3 year Old

I had no idea that potty training would bring out the inquisitive side of our son. He is just fascinated with discovering new things and talking about them. Here is today's conversation which took place when Drew walked into the bathroom while I was going.

D: "Mommy, no, you doing wrong, hold down your penis."
M: "Drew, mommy doesn't have a penis, she is a girl."
D: With a questioning look "why not, your doing it wrong."
M: "Mommy wasn't made like you, God made me to be a girl, so I don't have a penis."
D: Still not getting it "Mommy, we go to doctor and he make it all better, you get fixed?"
M: "Sorry, this how God made me, your made different you look like Daddy."
D: Exasperated that I don't appear to understand, he shifts his focus to washing his hands"

My smart 3 year old boy is really challenging my on the spot thinking ability. Daddy does so much better with these discussions! On a praise note, Drew has stayed dry for 3 days!

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