Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Camping Trip

We had a fun weekend camping! John's older brother Scotty was able to join us! Kitty had a blast swimming the river for her toys and chasing little critters out of our campsite in the night. Drew just loved sleeping in a tent and having his own sleeping bag! We enjoyed a quiet, relaxed weekend with our friends the Tyson's. Gabe and Ethan were able to experience their first camping trips!

Gabe is so incredible fun these days! He laughs and smiles and talks all the time. He loves to be tickled and for you to breath in his ear. He just giggles and giggles! He also loves watching his brother play, eating, and sleeping. When he is ready to go to sleep, he pops in his thumb, looks at you, and gives a little whine! So cute. Gabe is now rolling all over and has started to grab things intentionally on the first try. He also started lifting his hands when he wants you to pick him up.

Drew is back to his normal sweet self... finally! He had a few weeks of adjusting once mommy returned home from Oregon. Drew and I spent yesterday gardening and planting.... we both ended up with nice sunburns... oops! Drew's speech is developing nicely and the evaluation showed he wasn't in need to therapy. We've been working on various words and sounds at home which is also helping.

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