Sunday, March 16, 2008


I am refreshed! Last week was so stressful. John wasn't home a lot and I was super busy with work. A few nights I was up until 1:00 am working and didn't have much downtime. So, for a special 10th anniversary (celebrating the day we met 3/12/98) John gave me money to hire a house cleaner. What tops that is John has been working odd jobs during his lunch hours for the past few months, he saved a decent amount of money and gave it to me in hopes that it would be enough to pay for a cleaner all year - every 3rd Saturday! Isn't John amazing and perfect!

The cleaners came on Saturday, two of them, and for 3.5 hours cleaned every square inch of the house. John and I had fun trying to find spots they missed, we only found a few. They also cleaned out my fridge, oven and microwave, changed the sheets on all my beds - talk about above and beyond!

Saturday I had a day off since I didn't have to clean my messy house so we took the kids to Watagua's 50th anniversary party where Drew rode a train and ate cake!

I am so blessed! I also caught up on my sleep which helped my unpleasant mood change into joy!

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