Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Potty Training

Oops forgot to mention Drew's big news! He is officially potty training! Yes, the diapers ran out and mommy didn't buy anymore. Drew was very content to stay in diapers, but with the bribe of a Little Einstein episode he couldn't resist. Now, when he goes on the potty he gets to watch a 20 minute episode (soon it will be staying dry all day). Drew is learning about asking to go potty and not holding it until the last minute! He can stay dry all day... assuming we stay home. He hasn't mastered holding it in public yet. Today we all went to McDonald's for a fun breakfast and while Drew was playing he forgot he wasn't wearing a diaper and, well you guessed it! Pee ran all down his leg at the McDonald's play area!

Lets just say with potty training also came the awareness of what was between his legs. So, today while excited about going potty, he said to Nana "Nana I'm happy, my p**** is happy too!"

The joys of raising a little boy!

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