Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chaos for Cash?

I just had to share with you about my Saturday. Every February is shot time in the William's household, it is when I get out all the pet records and update their files. This year I received an e-mail from our HOA stating that all cats and dogs needed a license in order to be legal, they also had to be current on their rabies vaccine. Most years I give my cats their own injections that I buy from the local feed store. I hate taking the animals to the vet because I always leave spending an insane amount of money. This year I bought the animal's their 6 way shots for 8.95 and administered them myself - see all that money on horses paid off somewhere. A vet charges around 100.00 and up for a vaccine visit! I tried to find the rabies vaccine but it is a law that only a vet can administer it. So, in an attempt to save us some money I found that the City of Fort Worth was administering licenses and rabies vaccines for 4.00 at a local Fort Worth park this past Saturday. They also offered micro-chipping for 10.00. What a steal!
My mom graciously watched the boys for me while I headed out with two cat carriers and the dog into Fort Worth. The vaccines were offered from 1-3 pm and I arrived around 1:45. I was wearing a tank top and flip flops,; expecting to walk right up and get the shots and then return home within the hour. WRONG! To my shock 300 other people had the same idea! The only difference was 90% of those people probably hadn't taken their dogs out of the backyard in years, let along socialized them. I arrived and walked about 1/4 of a mile to the park because there wasn't a place close to park. I sought shelter by a group of elderly people who were hovering near a picnic bench. I think they were going to jump on top of it for safety if a dog came up to attack them. The entire park was a zoo! There were police yelling and screaming at owners to get their dogs under control. They were handing out leashes right and left to owners who hadn't brought anything to control their dogs! There were tons of pit bulls with huge chains around their necks and tiny Chiwawa's yapping incessantly. Some of the really difficult dogs were demoted to the Animal Control truck. My number was 228, after about 30 minutes I heard they were only on numbers 20-40! This was going to take forever! I was tempted to head home, but I had already trekked my pack to the park and I didn't want to return home having wasted my afternoon. So, I sat it out..... for 4 hours!
Kitty was a perfect angel, she protected the cats in the carriers. Anytime a dog would get close she would stand up and stare right at them, if they didn't retreat she would bark at them. The elderly group Kitty was "protecting" were very thankful; so were their dogs! Kitty enjoyed being the older and wiser dog, she enjoyed playing with Toby a 4 month old Cattle/Retriever mix. Toby's owner brought treats and Kitty was happy to perform! She also insisted on walking around the park trying to scout our any bombs the Pit Bull owners might have brought along with them. At various times during the 4 hours dogs would get loose and start dog fights, police and animal control workers would run from all crevices of the park - 1 time I saw a handler pick up a vicious dog and throw it through the air! Kitty wasn't too bothered by all the unstable dogs, she was pleased to be working today, protecting her "family!" Most people were shocked how well she got along with our cats. Austin got out on her lease for a little while so she could get some water. She stayed very close to Kitty. Winston preferred to stay in his carrier hiding from all the chaos. Finally after 3 hours of waiting we finally made it to the lineup. That was a joke! There were 40 dogs all crammed into a line - every so often people and dogs would go flying out of line because some temperamental dog has starting another fight. If I had the Dog Whispers phone # I would have called Cesar to tame the chaos. Finally after an hour in line we made it to the station. Was it worth it? I don't know, but for 34.00 I had Kitty and Winston micro chipped, all three received their rabies vaccines which is good for 3 years, and they all received their licenses. Whew! I trekked back to the car grateful for my well mannered pets, a cool Spring day, 4 uninterrupted hours to myself pondering various subjects, a breast pump that awaited me at home, and a husband who brought pizza home for dinner!
What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

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