Sunday, March 30, 2008


This week Drew and I spent some time learning about what lives in the Arctic We read a book about Polar Bears, Sea Lions, Beluga Whales, Orcas, Walrus', and Narwhals. I really enjoyed learning about Norwals since I hadn't studied them before, I linked you to an interesting ABC news except and some footage of Norwhals that Drew enjoyed watching. Drew especially loved singing the song: Baby Beluga by Raffi. We sang the song and watched a Baby Beluga's birth at the Chicago Shedd Aquarium; the wonders of the Internet! Drew also spent some time painting, gluing and cutting. He even made me tons of paper kites! Ever since I boxed up all the toys, he has spent more time looking at books, being artistic, and using his imagination. This week he hardly touched the Lego's and Duplo's that were in his room. I've been enjoying not having to trip over his toys or battle with him to pick them up. Gabe also enjoyed the pictures in the books and laughed a lot when mommy and Drew made Seal sounds.

Drew's evaluation for Speech help went well. The Speech therapist wasn't too concerned, she said he was borderline for needing speech, but also said he was really smart. She believes that he thinks very intelligently and just doesn't have all the words to articulate his advanced thoughts. Drew has always loved to describe pictures so when she read him a book he hadn't seen he was all about talking! We are getting a second opinion from another Speech therapist sometime in the next few weeks. I will say his speech really has improved the last three weeks. Words he was especially lazy with he now says very clearly. So, he is improving.

Uncle David visited this past week which was fun for the whole family. Drew was especially glad to have a playmate and human jungle gym! John and I managed a date out too thanks to David! Can you guess where we went? After dinner we hit Target and walked all the isles for about 1.5 hours. I've had gift cards to Target for months and never have time to just browse! We did buy Drew his first sleeping bag for our camping trip next month.

Gabe spent most of the week sleeping, on the rare occasions he was awake he discovered his toes! He loves to "talk" to us and smiles a lot!

I worked this week and spent some time in my garden. I also organized the pantry, thanks to my mom's group and their inspiring organization/de-cluttering topic! I enjoyed laundry, dishes, and cooking this week. I am just loving that I don't have to do any deep cleaning! It gives me time for those projects I never get to like outside window washing!

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