Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jonah and the Spankin'

Over the last year we have worked hard to teach Drew to about obedience, his definition of obedience is obeying: "all the way, right away, and with a joyful heart." If you ask him how to obey he will say "joyful heart mommy!" He also knows that he gets in trouble when he doesn't obey, depending on the situation he gets a spanking if it is direct defiance, or has a "reflection" time in the pantry for everything else. So, that being said, here are a few funny moments from yesterday.

1. Drew was doing something naughty (I can't remember what) and I told him it he did it again he would get a spanking for disobeying mommy. To which he replied " mommy, no spanking, I like time out, can't I have time out?" I am not sure why he called it time out because we just call it going to the pantry?

Last night as I was reading to Drew from his Jesus story Bible, Drew showed me just how much he is comprehending now that he is 3 years old.

2. We were reading the story of Johan and the whale, when I read "... and Jonah disobeyed God by not doing to Nineveh" Drew immediately chipped in and said "Mommy? Did God give Jonah a pankin?"

3. Drew, Kitty, Gabe and I went to the pond today, while walking there Kitty wasn't listening very well and I must have put on my "mommy" voice because Drew looked at me and said "Mommy, if Kitty not obey does she get a pankin?" To which I replied "Yes, Drew Kitty does get spankings when she doesn't obey" He was content with that!

Drew is starting to learn reason and is thinking a lot these days. Today, while talking to Drew during bath time he shockingly said:

"Mommy. whats that called?" as he pointed in between his legs.
Mommy: "Um, well ,how about we play with Rocket Drew"
Drew: "No, mommy what that called?" (pointing down)
Mommy: "Well Drew that is called your penis (I had to tell him)".
Drew: "Look mommy, where did my p... go mommy? (As he closes his legs)"
Mommy: "Your right, I can't see it anymore, How about we get out of the tub now?"
Drew: "No I want to play with my p..."
Mommy: "Drew you don't play with your p...., it is for going potty"
Drew: "OK mommy, where did Drew go" (as he closed his eyes)
Mommy: "I don't know ..." (which led into a 2 minute tickle time! Hopefully the tickles took the word right out of his head. I can just see him sharing that word with all his friends on Monday!"

This whole mother of boys thing is really starting to get tricky!

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The Tyson Family said...

That is so very funny! We will have to tell him that when he is about to graduate highschool and college!