Monday, March 17, 2008


"Gratitude bestows reverence,

allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies,

those transcendent moments of awe that change

forever how we experience life and the world."

John Milton

"Ingratitude is an eye disease every bit as much as a heart disease.

It sees only flaws, scars, scarcity.”

Mark Buchanan

241. My servant of a husband who did the laundry today
242. The joy of serving others with kind words
243. My husbands heart to help those in need
244. True worship of our King with hundreds of voices lifted in song praising “Hosanna, you are the God who Saves us, worthy of all our praises… Broken lives are made new…. When we see you we find strength to face the day… Come have your way among us… we welcome you here Lord Jesus!”

245. The best gift: a housecleaner for a Saturday!
246. The joy of having the entire house clean at the same time!
247. Gabe’s sweet pretentious giggles and smiles when I lay him down to sleep
248. Awesome teaching at Bible Study…. The old testament coming to life!
249. Gabe sleeping 12 hours straight without waking!
250. The body’s amazing ability to adapt to stress
251. A relaxing Monday, time spent with husband
252. The empty tomb that brought me abundant LIFE and a heart to serve the poor, the alien, and the orphan.
253. Our home that we are blessed to raise our family in
254. Drew’s excitement as he tells me about his day all alone with Nana, he so treasures those times
255. Spring bulbs springing up allover the backyard
256. Dirty fingernails from spring gardening
257. Drew helping mommy pull weeds, he even insisted on wearing my gloves
258. Sweet, generous husband who is never cross or angry with me.. I wish he could say the same about me…..
259. Alas, the spreadsheet I’ve been working on for days balances.. thank you Lord, why didn’t I stop to pray sooner?
260. The blessings of friends
261. A quiet, uninterrupted time alone with the Lord and a latte,,,,

"Men cannot open their eyes without being compelled to see him.Indeed his essence is incomprehensible ....But upon his individual works he has engraved unmistakable marks of his glory, so clear and so prominent that even unlettered... folk cannot plead the excuse of ignorance....Wherever you cast your eyes, there is no spot in the universe wherein you cannot discern at least some sparks of glory."

John Calvin

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