Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Expelled, The Movie

Do you believe in Darwinism? Are you going to watch this hightly controversal movie by Ben Stein? I challenge you to watch the trailer, it was very interesting. I hadn't heard of it until today and now I am eager to watch the movie. I wonder if Francis Collins, lead scientist on the human Genome project, is in the movie? We have heard quite a bit about Francis Collins from our pastor Bob Roberts, I also heard Francis Collins speak on NPR not long ago. Wow! In light of science shifting more and more towards our DNA being created by a higher being, I am eager to watch Expelled. I am eager to teach my children all about creation and science, I 100% believe that as Christians we must seek out answers to our questions. They normally make us more in awe of our Creator!

Wouldn’t Everyone Want to Be Healed?

Incase you want a good read, our pastor Bob Roberts wrote the following regarding Francis Collins:

Tuesday, I spoke at a conference called Faith Forward at the Crystal Cathedral
in Orange County, California. Hands down, the most fascinating speaker was
Francis Collins author of The Language of God. He headed up the Human Genome
Project to map our genetic map. He took on–head on–Dawkins, Dennet, and Harris
on why, as a scientist, he believes in God. You can put this guy in the history
books with some of the greatest scientists who ever lived. More on that in a
later blog. Later in the evening, a small group of us had supper with Dr.
Schuller. Ken Medema, the famous pianist was with us. The conversation went over
to Ken’s blindness and Dr. Collins asked if he knew the cause of his blindness.
Ken explained it was a genetic issue since birth. Dr. Collins told him there is
a significant breakthrough with his condition and experiments have been done and
it might be possible to fix his condition! Ken was excited, right? Wrong.
Pleased, ok–yet questioning. I would think a man who’s been blind his entire
life and has a chance to see would want to see. Ken told us he had “seen” a
movie about a man who had been blind his entire life and for a brief period he
could see, but he was relieved when the treatment failed and he could go back to
life as he had known it. Healing–he would have to learn an entirely new way of
coping, surviving and living in the world. Maybe if he were in his 20s, but now
in his 50s plus, would he really be ready for that?Healing–he believes that he
plays the piano as he does because his other senses have compensated for what he
lost. Would it impact his passion, his ministry, and who he has become? Would it
be worth risking his music not being what it is now? Healing–he’s never seen
anyone, anything, mountains, oceans, or people he loves. The first person he
would expect to see would be Jesus, now it might be a doctor–would he really
want to trade that? Healing–maybe Ken’s already healed. Maybe what others would
call a loss has become his gain, and perhaps ours as well.

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