Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big Boy Drew

Yes, Drew is becoming a big boy. On Monday I started potty training with him. Through much trial and error I think we may have found a nice working plan! Each time Drew goes on the potty, he is rewarded with a little Einstein episode! On Monday he had two BM's on the toilet and 1 pee pee. Tuesday he chose to go back to diapers. Today he wore underwear again and went pee pee twice this afternoon.

Drew tries so hard to go on the potty that he can't relax enough to go. It takes about 4 hours of him in underwear before he has to go bad enough that it just comes out. I think he may have crossed a hurdle today, he stayed dry from 2:00-bedtime with no accidents and the last time he asked to go!

Gabe was constipated all day and was a little fussy. He was doing so well and on a great schedule, but the past two days he has really been off... so has mommy!

Oh, one last little tidbit. I was so tired of tripping over toys so Drew and I boxed all the toys up! Before you think I've gone mad, we had fun with it. I have 4 large Rubbermaid boxes which are titled:

1. Tools
2. Things on Wheels
3. Duplo's and Lego's
4. GeoTrex

Now, each Sunday we put away the current box and get out a new one. Drew is now playing with his toys instead of dragging them all out and leaving them laying around. Also, I dived up all his educational leap frog toys and put one in each box, I added some shapes and bead threading and a few games too. Now Drew will play intently with items instead of being overwhelmed with all the choices. It was a big rough the first day but he seems to not remember all his other toys!

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