Monday, March 24, 2008

Awesome Day

Today was a great day, I picked Drew up at Preschool and his teacher said he was dry all day! Well, almost, I think distraction with play dough may have overcome his focused potty brain because as I picked him up and gave him a hug I noticed the wetness! It wasn't a lot though! Then we went home and played outside, just the two of us for over an hour. Drew loved getting swung in the air and making roads together in his sandbox. Drew even said, "mommy, your fun to play with!" Awe! Kitty and I played a little soccer which wore us both out! Later, Drew told me he had to go potty and I was nursing Gabe so I told him to go in by himself. A few minutes later, his naked body came running in the room and proudly yelled " I Did It Mommy!." Yes, he went both on the potty all by himself. We are all so proud!

Kitty and I went to the pond yesterday, just the two of us. The kids were in bed and John was studying. I walked all the way around the pond throwing her toy in every few feet, by the time we got home she was tired and cold, it was in the 50's yesterday. So, she had a much needed bath in our shower. Such a spoiled puppy! We have the best dog, she is so easy to please, just a run around the block or a trip to the pond makes her day.

Gabe is learning how to grab things. He loves to grab his play keys or spit rag. He loves to coo at anyone who will listen. Last week was his sleeping week, this week he is all about eating. Tonight I fed him three times in a 1 hour span. He even woke from sleep to eat ... again! His next appointment is on April 3rd so we'll see how much he weighs.

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