Wednesday, March 19, 2008

4 Months Old

Well our little man has turned 4 months old today. Gabe has turned into a very easy and relaxed baby - he sleeps when he can and is content to look around at the world when awake. Often he wakes from naps and I hear him giggling to himself. For the past week Gabe has been sleeping through the night without any 11:00 feedings. I put him to bed around 8:00 and he wakes around 8:00 the next morning! What a blessing!

Here are the boys 4 month comparisons: is it the picture or does Gabe look huge next to Drew?
Anyhow, Gabe is as spitty as Drew! At least Gabe doesn't have the acid part of the reflux. Gabe loves to smile and coo at us. he is content to watch his big brother play. Gabe still loves to eat but is at the fun age where distractions (like a brother or daddy) often catch his attention when eating. Tonight, Gabe was nursing, then stopped, looked me in the eyes and gave me a huge grin, then went back to eating. So sweet! Gabe loves to be sung to, but won't let me rock him to sleep. He insists on being put right into his bed, where his thumb is eagerly awaiting him. When I check 5 minutes later, he is already sound asleep, snoring away. Currently, he sleeps on his boppy with his elevated so he doesn't get too congested.

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