Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Week

Well, this week has been so exhausting! Gabe decided that sleeping through the night wasn't very fun, so he has been waking up at least 3 times each night. I was so tired last night and really needed a full nights sleep. So, I gave Gabe 2 oz of Pedialite and 2 oz of formula around 11:00 pm. It did the trick! The heaviness of the formula kept Gabe asleep until 7:00 am! What a difference a good night sleep makes; I feel like my energetic self again! Gabe is growing up way too fast! He is always ready to give us smiles and watches his surroundings. His personality so far is very relaxed, he only complains when he is hungry or his plumbing is stopped up! Gabe just moved from his 0-3 months clothes to 3-6 months; it was so sad boxing up the smaller size.

I spent this week writing my posts for the interactive Bible reading. I learned so much about the life of Jacob and Joseph. Take a look at the Interactive Bible Reading to the right! Our new season of mentoring is starting this Tuesday night, I am so excited for the new mentees!

I am very anxious for Spring, I can't wait to buy dirt and see all my 100+ bulbs sprout in the backyard! The grass is still very dead, the green lawns will be a welcoming sight!

Our fast is going well, but I can't wait until March 1st! We saved a lot of money and spent time together, but I've been home bound most of the month which is really getting boring. It's too cold to go out to the park most day and most of the places we visit there is a temptation to buy things. We did manage a walk to the pond yesterday which Kitty enjoyed. Drew, Gabe and I froze and were all crabby when we returned home. All three of us took naps! Our freezer is now clean but we still have a ton of meat left. We've only spent 150.00 of groceries this month which is really good for our family of 4.

Drew is now a boy! He gets bumps, scratches, and bloody scrapes on a daily basis. Yesterday he tripped and fell while clibing up steps, he put his hands down to catch himself and whacked his head on the step above. He has a nice black eye.... sshh... don't tell Nana! We are working on letters of the Alphabet with Drew and just signed him up for 3 day preschool next year. Drew loves his school and is learning a lot. Drew can now count to 13 and knows basic shapes (except Rectangle and Square, he likes to mix them up!) Drew loves to ask us "why" and enjoys reading his books and riding his bike. His favorite toys are his race cars!

I posted new pictures and video's!

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