Friday, February 8, 2008

Week In Review

We had a fun week here in Texas, the weather was crazy cold the first few days and crazy warm the past few days. We visited the pond this week with Kitty; Drew loves to ride his bike all the way there and back! We also baked Valentine cookies and made a mess with pudding.

On Tuesday I took Drew to the doctor because he wasn't eating much and kept loosing weight. He also had a cold that was lingering. Turns out he had a double ear infection and the Doc pulled out a long strand of earwax and blood.... yucky! Needless to say it explained a lot - Drew poor attitude and clingy behavior.

Gabe is a sleeping boy this week - - sleeping 20 out of 24 hours. Last week all he wanted to do was eat! Gabe is still sleeping in his swing, now located in our walk in closet. He now loves to smile at us and is especially fond of watching everything Drew does. He is sleeping through the night 9:30 pm (I feed him at 11:00 pm) and then waking around 6:00 am, then he goes back to sleep until 10:00 am, wakes and eats again. He is getting more consistent with his bowels and has been consistently pooping through all his clothes twice a week. All the white onesies are yellow in the back! Gabe is still content to be awake about an hour and then he goes right back to sleep. He is turning into a very content and easy baby!

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