Saturday, February 2, 2008

We had a very exhausting week! I busied myself working and keeping up with the housework. I've been preparing myself for our 30 day fast which started on February 1st - no tv, Starbucks, spending money, or eating out. I am always amazed each time we do a fast how much I learn about myself. When we eliminate tv and the desire to run out for dinner I become much more disciplined and we grow much closer as a family. Today we frosted cookies and went to the pond with Kitty. Drew has been a little under the weather so it was nice to get out into the fresh air for a while.

John had back injection surgery on Wednesday, so far the tingling and numbness in his hand has gotten 75% better and his neck is just stiff instead of in pain. The shots come in a series of 3 and last around a year. So far he has had one set on each side. We are all anxious for him to finally be better. I really can't remember what John is like without being in constant pain. When we met he had lower back pain from the rhysotomy when he was young. Then when we married his foot developed a bunion while in the police academy and the bone in his hand was fractured causing months of physical therapy. Then in August 2006 he had surgery to correct his bunion, and that December he had a rysotomy to deaden the nerves in his lower back. Finally 100% pain free we went on our cruise and celebrated. Then, last February, 6 weeks later, John was hit by a city truck and developed a herniated and slipped disk in his neck. All of 2007 he spent in therapy. My poor sweet husband, he has had to endure a myriad of physical pain, and yet he is the most optimistic , humble, and joyful person I know!

(Gabe 2.5 Months Sleeping in his swing.... this is the only place aside from his carseat where he will sleep.)

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