Thursday, February 28, 2008

Refinement Isn't Optional

(Written for the Northwood Women's Mentoring Program in December)
Psalms 12:6
“The words of the Lord are pure words;
as silver tried in a furnace on the earth refined seven times.”

I read Psalms 12:6 this evening, hoping to draw close to the Lord. Since the cold month of December began, my life has been filled with busyness, change and movement. My once cherished, silent, peaceful times with the Lord have begun to fade like a far off memory and mundane duty and routine have taken it’s place. As I sit quietly this evening, begging the Lord to draw me near, I opened to Psalms 12:6. This verse jogged another verse I read recently in Malachi 3:3 about the Lord sitting as a refiner and purifier of silver. Sometimes the Lord allows me to glean valuable messages through repetitious verses. So here I sit, fingers typing away meditating on purity and refinement - - the precious words of my Father. Anticipation grows as the jumbled thoughts slowly come together - the painter begins to draw upon the canvas – clarity begins to take shape and I see - my Father is in the refining business tonight. Tonight is a night to again relinquish control and be changed.

Abba; a closeness I long to have with You,
Your cherished words from the Book of Life I aspire to my memory,
Your laws of love, written for all humanity, preserved with a promise,
the pathway to Your heart.
Your love letter to all people, the refining words – life changing, sharper than a double edged sward, mighty, yet meek just like My Savior.

Why do I take your pure words for granted?
Why do I forget their power?
Why can’t I remember the verses I examined just yesterday?

Oh,, You are in the refining business!
To capture thoughts and expressions and wisdom takes precious time,
Time I have been too busy idly wasting away,
Tonight I will capture your words, commit them to memory,
For tonight I am being slowly refined, slowly crafted for an upcoming day.

Master Silversmith, the days have arrived,
you are holding me over the hot flame,
Refine Me.

Watching my impurities fall like drops of sand upon the sea shore,
Holding me tight, watching me closely, so I will not be destroyed by the flame,
Abba, you will begin to see Your image shining through my face,
On that day You will call out “well done” and I will sing for joy!

What refining is yet to come – a problem in my marriage, a sickness with a child?
Father, I want you to know I will be ready, I will give thanks, I have given you complete control of my life.
Your Word promises hope and life everlasting.
More struggles will come and I will give thanks, for you are using them to refine me.
Refine me into a healthier mother, wife, friend, disciple, and cultivator of souls.

Refine me, my hearts desire is to be crafted into your image of pure Holiness,
I long to look like, respond like, and model Your everlasting love,
Set my life apart from this dark world.
Allow my life to mean something for eternity’s sake,
Draw me close, refine me, and use my life for Your glory.

Do you have something you aren’t relinquishing control over, afraid to give it to the Lord? Are you in the middle of a trial, discouraged and broken? Be encouraged, the Lord’s in the refining business, give thanks and find joy in His eternal promises.
I pray you too will be encouraged!

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