Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leap of Faith

(Faithfully Studying)

Change... it is inevitable! There are many changes that are or will take place in our family this coming year. Change is good, it gets us out of our comfort zone and makes us depend more on God.

Personally, I hate change; my first recollection of change took place when I was about 7 years of age. We moved from small town H. C., population 2,000, to the big city of Beaverton. We had to leave behind the only home I remembered, friends, grandparents, and our beloved dog Jack. I remember hating my parents for making us move to a small dinky apartment and a new school with kids that hated me and a teacher that chastised me in front of the class for not knowing the answer to 7x6.

Change is Good; I just didn't realize it until I matured a little. In case my parents read this blog, thanks, you were right! Moving was the best thing you could have done. If we had stayed, I probably wouldn't have found the Lord, or married the man of my dreams (who lived in Beaverton). Instead I would have been pregnant at 16, unmarried, and on drugs, like many of the friends I once knew who stayed in that town.

So, here is to change! As an act of faith, John is moving to part time at his current job. He will spend the next 4 months substitute teaching, observing classes, and studying to pass more exams. We are praying he passed the High School Science portion from this past Saturday – John is “cautiously optimistic!” This summer he is taking a 5 week long class to get his Texas teaching alternative certification done. I am so excited for him! He is also going to start volunteering with the youth at our church to gain more experience and some additional references.

As for me, I'm excited to see what God has in store! I am also excited about my new look. I went in for a normal hair trim yesterday and the lady radically changed my look. I watched as she did weird uneven cuts silently wishing all my hair back. God must have known I wouldn’t change my hair style by myself!. I am also eager to shed some excess pounds from baby #2! I started Pilate's tapes last week and my abs are killing me. I did these tapes after Drew was born and don't remember hurting so much!

Our fast is about to end, but in reality it is just beginning. John and I have come to realize that we can live without extras, it makes us appreciate the small things and cherish the bigger things like family and a strong marriage. We are also more generous because we have extra just waiting for a need. Also, I've learned so much about the very nature of God this fast; I am constantly being shown just how much God loves me. Our Team was studying Ephesians 1 the past few weeks, just look what God says about those who have asked Him to be Lord over their lives, we are:

  • blessed with all spiritual blessings in heaven (vs 3)

  • chosen and sealed in Him (vs 4)

  • holy and blameless in Christ (vs 4)

  • adopted into God's family (vs 5)

  • sons of the King (vs 5)

  • redeemed (vs 7)

  • forgiven of ALL sins (vs 7)

  • God's inheritance (vs 18)

  • sealed with the Holy Spirit (vs 13)

What an awesome God I serve! So, here is to change! I have such faith knowing that God is in these changes and will work them all out for His glory. It is so peaceful knowing Who Hold Our Future.

One other small exciting change.... Gabe slept in his crib today for the first time - he cried 25 minutes and then fell into a deep deep sleep. ! I actually had to wake him from his afternoon nap after 3.5 hours so we could go on our walk. As I am typing away I just realized that he didn't cry when I put him down 45 minutes ago... not a peep the whole time I've been writing! Bye Bye swing, baggy eyes and midnight feedings.... hello sleep and being able to use my walk in closet again! I can actually turn on the light to pick out my clothes!

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