Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fasting Lesson #2

Our fast is going so well! This fast we are working on plumping up our savings to 3 months living expenses. I am so excited to see the only expenses in our checking account are bills! John laughs at me because yesterday I looked at our savings account balance 3 times just because I loved the large numbers! It also helped that we received our tax refund; for once we didn't have other expenses to pay! We should have our 3 months living expenses complete by the end of May. I am so excited!
John has been doing super on his goals for this fast, he has prayed with me every night before bed which we are both excited about. Drew has only watched TV once and that was when he had his ear infection and felt crummy. It is a tradition that when Drew is sick he can watch a DVD on the portable DVD player. The nice thing is that Drew doesn't even ask to watch anything. He has been using his imagination a lot, playing rocket ship instead of asking to watch it on Tv.
My fasting is going well, I'm up on my reading and have been doing devotions with Drew every night. We are reading the most awesome book: The Jesus Storybook Bible , it is so precious. Each story points to Jesus! I love the writing and personally am enjoying all the stories as much as Drew. We are about 50% of the way finished and will start it all over again!

My lesson from this week has been about getting me out of my comfort zone. Just because I am not good at certain things doesn't mean I should do them! I've been pushing myself to conquer some of my fears, like public speaking. I will also be talking about fasting at my Mom2mom group this Thursday so pray for me! I’m still praying more and enjoying quiet times with the boys when we can all pray together. I’m also more determined to memorize people’s names, I’m terrible at names and don’t take the time to remember them.

I was really tempted to cheat today when we went out to see some friends. We drove by so many Starbucks and I was so tired (Gabe decided that he wanted to wake up 3 times last night)! John was in the car with me and held my hand through it all! Oh, I posted some pictures of his new workbench that he just finished. It is beautiful! Well, I have some other writing I need to get back to!


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