Friday, January 11, 2008

My Love

To my One and Only,

Five years ago today we said "I do," can you believe how short the years have come and gone? 1 year ago we were cruising the Caribbean immersed in each others arms, contemplating adding another arrow to our quiver. Here we are, my love, half a decade of experiences and memories, two beautiful children who carry our name, and the love... the love has only grown!

You are my only, my everything, my perfecter

My strong arm that hold me afloat when life tries to drag me under,

the one whose eyes of determination I look into each night,

You are the one I can't live without, the one I share my dreams with and share my heart,

Your face of joy lightens my heart and brings me joy,

Your optimism pulls me along this path we share together, encourages me,

Your the one who believes I can do anything and loves me no matter the outcome.

My love, when I think about what really matters in life I thank the Lord for sending you to me that March day. Your smile, your selflessness, your laugh, your willingness to admit when wrong, your ability to always make life fun - captured my thoughts those first few days we dated - it is those same qualities that supported us through the trials that life sent our way.

I remember how the nurses in the hospital would always smile more once you had arrived to visit me those 5 long weeks, I remember you giving up your dream job so you could change my bed pan and help the long hours pass - - I knew I couldn't make it through that pregnancy without you. I remember you telling me that our son would arrive perfectly on time and would be perfect in God's eyes, I remember the way you tried to force the oxygen mask onto my face during labor! I remember the nights you held me while I cried, I remember the fear of trying to have another child, I remember the many shots you gave me and how perfect and exact you wanted the needle to be!

So, as our 6th year of marriage begins I am convicted, what really matters in life are the little things I daily take for granted - life is short and I worry and fret about things that don't matter. So here is my list of what I would miss the most if you were not here:

  1. Watching you chase Drew around the house with the Nerf gun while he giggles and Kitty barks... loudly
  2. The smell of our bed that has always reminds me that you are coming to bed soon = especially when you work the night shift.
  3. Always having someone who will listen to me and encourage me
  4. Your smile when you come home from work, I love it that you think about us all day and love coming home, even if Gabe is fussy and cries in the night!
  5. Holding your hand at church while we sing together
  6. Your strong shoulders and arms that always know when I need a hug
  7. Your ability to fix anything and Drew's constant chanting "Its broken mommy, Daddy fix it!"
  8. Your constant calm energy that brings peace to our home
  9. Lovemaking!
  10. Sleep... I would miss how selfless you are, getting up with the kids so I can sleep in (just like this Saturday morning, thanks for letting me sleep in till 11:00 am!) My list could go on and on my love!

My Love For You John is Beyond All Measure

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