Friday, January 4, 2008

8 Weeks Old Already!

Gabe is almost 8 weeks old! He has grown so chubby and is almost 9 pounds (by our scale). Gabe has good days and then a bad one here or there. Today happens to be a great happy day for him, yesterday, not so much. On Gabe's fussy days he has a hard time sleeping because of his tummy problems, so in the evening he is especially fussy from lack of sleep. Gabe still eats every 3 hours during the day and every 4-6 hours at night. Last night Gabe slept from 12:00 pm until 6:00 am - it was so nice! Gabe is starting to focus on lights and other objects, he also loves his mommy and daddy's faces.

Drew has been riding his new bike around the block and enjoying our clear cold days. Drew is anxious for his "papa tractor" to arrive tonight and even took a nap so he could go with Daddy tonight to the airport. Drew and I have been working on his alphabet using flash cards and M&M's. We are specifically working on his speech and enunciation's. Drew's preschool is back in session this Monday and Drew can't wait to see his teachers. Recently Drew has gotten very good at picking up his toys, yesterday I asked him to pick up his room and he did it in 10 minutes, normally he gets distracted and it can take up to an hour! Drew received a lot of new books for Christmas so reading time has been filled with new material, which mommy loves! I've been randomly clearing out some of our clutter- going through all the toy boxes and books shelves, sorting and organizing all the toys and the linen closet. I am also cleaning out the office files for the new year!

Well, enjoy these new pictures, I also posted a video of Drew on the video page.


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