Saturday, December 22, 2007

One Brief Moment

One brief moment in my crazy life - this moment took place on Monday December 17, 2007 at 10:35 AM. I sat back in my office chair and laughed! Here I was, breastfeeding my 4 week old, while trying to calculate how much money our company needed to advance for the day, my 3 year old is down stairs with an open box of "life" cereal happily pouring out the contents into his milky bowl and the floor. I can overhear him having a detailed conversation with his cereal, something about trains and tunnels, the dog is staring at me to take her for a walk and the cat is sleeping to my left in the baby bouncer. The phone is ringing, I am still in my PJ's, so are my two children, and the other cat is walking back and forth across my desk in hopes that I would get tired of the game and go down stairs and feed him. Oh, what a great day it will be, assuming I live through it! My adrenaline from the birth of Gabe has finally wore off and reality has hit... life with two children is hard when you aren't getting 10 hours a sleep a night!

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