Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gabe's Due Date`

Today is Gabe's due date - December 11th! Hard to believe he has already been with us 3 weeks! Gabe is changing daily, he can already hold up his head for longer periods of time, he is staying awake for about an hour between daytime feedings, he is following us with his eyes, and has discovered the fun of swinging. He is still getting constipated so I am giving him Pedialite every few days. Gabe is over 7 and a half pounds now!
Drew is getting excited for his Grandma Patti to return and his Grandpa from Washington will also be visiting. He also is excited for Christmas, I asked Drew today what Christmas was and he jumped in the air and shouted "presents." We then had a 5 minute dialog about the true meaning of Christmas. I asked Drew what we should get Jesus for Christmas and he said
trucks and trains!" This year we chose to help a teen mother through our church, we are still mulling over where to spend the rest of the money we have set aside - either buying presents through Gospel For Asia or helping a women that John works with at HD.
John and I went out on Saturday evening and did most of our shopping! It was so fun to find things that Drew would like. We agreed to buy him presents for Christmas and then for his birthday we will be buying him gymnastic lessons at The Little Gym. So if anyone wants to contribute cash instead of presents for Drew's birthday we would appreciate it. A three month membership is around 250.00. Drew loves gymnastics and has gone to a few birthday parties at the Little Gym. I know he will love it!
Oh wow, where has the time gone. I gotta go!

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