Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Dr. Appt

I went in today for a routine checkup, my BP was about the same. All looked well, I am dilated to a 3 already! My last progesterone injection was on Tuesday so I hope it is safe to say we should deliver next week - pending no BP issues. I can't believe I had dilated from a 1 to a 3 in one week because I haven't been having any contractions. Dr. W. said that the combination of the baby's weight plus the fact that I have already had a child before could dilate me. So, my next appointment is on Monday 11/19 - a great date for a birthday?

One funny moment I just had to share. Tonight John said to Drew " OK Drew" in that voice that Drew knows so well. Drew completed his sentence by iterating "Two minutes." John is always preparing Drew for changes like getting ready for bed or getting into the bath. The timing on this was perfect!


Cara McLeod said...

I've been keeping up with your progress through your blog and through Nicole Tyson! I'm so excited Gabe will be here soon and that your pregnancy has been a much smoother one than the last! Hospital bed rest is for the birds, huh?!?! You've been truly blessed with a precious family! Can't wait to meet the newest lil' one! I'll be praying for you! ~ Cara

Diane Souza said...

I think Mon the 19th would be a great Birthday for little Gabe! What a coincidence it would be if 20 years after I had my little boy on the Monday before Thanksgiving that your little boy would arrive. You are bringing back such precious memories to me.

But of course any time he arrives safe and sound will be wonderful. (Any thoughts about the 23rd? That's Joey's birthday!) Our best thoughts and wishes are with you.

Love, Aunt Diane

susan elliott said...

I am praying for you and sweet little susan elliott