Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving List 2007

Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples!2 Sing to him, sing praises to him;tell of all his wondrous works!
Psalm 105:1-2

We give thanks for the many trial and tribulation that have softened the uneven edges of our hearts, bringing us wisdom and understanding and the life-changing realization that God is always in control.

We give God thanks for the life that is growing inside of me, that by Thanksgiving will be home in his parents arms – Gabriel Allan Williams. We are thankful Lord for the gift and blessing of life, the responsibility to raise godly heirs, and the wisdom you provide to us daily.

Thank you Lord for continued health, it was a rough year for John and the auto accident that brought on back and neck pain. Thank you that he is healing and is able to return back to work.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of a great family. Our little boy Drew is abounding with energy and life, he loves to sign praises to You and is learning to obey all the way, right away, and with a joyful heart! Thank you for giving us wisdom and opportunity to teach our little man Your ways.

We are thankful for a healthy pregnancy that didn’t stick mommy in the hospital! She only spent a few weeks on bed rest for high blood pressure. Thank you for the provision of modern medicine like progesterone which kept Mommy from delivering early and allowed her little one to go 37 weeks in the womb!

We are thankful that John’s arm and neck are getting better and that we live in a country that has excellent healthcare.

John is so thankful that he was able to make it home to see his brother Scotty and David and father Michael this winter. He is also thankful that he was able to spend three days camping in the woods with his family!

A very organized garage, filled with tools that John uses to refine his skill and make some money on the side.

Good friends who help us when we are in need and invest in us without expectation of repayment.

A god centered home that smells like cinnamon spices!

A wonderful mother (in law/Nana) that enjoys spending time with us and spends tons of hours investing in her grandchildren! She is also a great cook and a wonderful house cleaner. We are thankful that her health is improving and the thyroid tumor was benign.

Help during pregnancy – thank you Patti for pruning all my bushes, playing with Drew so well, taking Kitty on walks and to the pond, filling my freezer with yummy meals, and for always being here when we need you!

A work from home job that allows me to be a mommy and help provide for our family. It also keeps me from having idle time that I waste on unimportant things. It also provided a little extra income this year to help with the growing expenses of family life.

A husband who loves the Lord and servers his family as Christ served the church, who models to our boys servant leadership and is always building others up.

Northwood – a church that pursues God and is willing to be used in whatever way God directs. It doesn’t focus on membership or style, its sole focus is on doing the will of God by building and investing in the lives of all people.
My husbands woodworking skills that build little boy beds and adds additional storage space for a freezer.

A wife who handles finances well and manages the day to day grind of life. We are also thankful for the Crown Financial class we took this year that taught us God’s plan for handling 100% of our income.

Drew is specifically thankful for: God, mommy and daddy, his trains, and a new big boy bed!

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