Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Arrival!

We are so excited to announce that Gabriel Allan Williams arrived on Monday, November 19, 2007. He was 36 weeks 6 days old. Gabe was 6 pounds 4 ounces and 19 inches long and has a full head of dark brown hair. Gabe was born at 3:39 in the afternoon and was very healthy upon arrival - thank you Lord for another baby that didn't spend time in the NICU!.

We only stayed at the hospital 24 hours and are now home enjoying our family of 4! Drew isn't too sure about his new little brother but he loves to hold him and tell people when he is crying. To ease some of Drew's tension his Grandma's bought him a baby boy doll that he can feed and hold and dress. The doll has been a huge success and has helped Drew feel more involved and included. Drew loves to be included in everything we are doing with Gabe!

For those women who are curious about the birth story, I'll now delve into the finer details of Gabe's arrival.

Monday morning John and I went into the Dr's office for our bi-weekly appointment. I was really hoping to be induced today since I had been having contractions for the past few days and thought I could be dilated to a 5. Also, the PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) was slowly getting worse and my progesterone was going to wear off on Tuesday which would only increase my contractions. Sure enough Dr. W agreed that my BP was a concern and since he was one day shy of 37 weeks we were fairly safe delivering. I also won the bet - I was dilated to a 5! I was really scared if my water broke at home that I wouldn't have enough time to get to the hospital to deliver.

So, John and I headed over to IHOP for a leisurely breakfast - we reminisced about life before kids, life with one kid, and the what life would be like with 2! After breakfast we headed over to L&D, it was around 11:00 am by the time we arrived. Around 12:30 Dr. W came over and broke my water as planned. I prepared myself for the birth and to my surprise, nothing happened! Around 2:00 I asked for a little Petocine to help encourage the contractions, they regulated around 2:30 and around 2:50 I was sitting in the restroom and realized that the contractions had picked up and were starting to get very intense. My brain began to register that I had done this before! John helped me back to bed where I continued to have about 8 very intense contractions about 1.5 minutes apart. I called the nurse in around 3:15 and told her to page the doctor because I was getting ready. The nurse checked me and I was an 8, 10 minutes later Dr. W arrived just in time for me to start pushing! I received my Pudenal block and pushed through 4 contractions. Gabe's head arrived on the third push and the body followed on the 4th push. I was so relived! Gabe came out and just looked at everything and everyone. They laid him on my tummy and he just stared at John and I! Then they noticed his lips were a little blue so they took him over to the warming table and tried to get him to cry. After a few pathetic cries they realized that he had bruised his lip and nose coming through the birth canal so quickly which was why he looked a little purple! John was amazing through the whole thing. He helped count contractions and was right there mopping up my sweaty head. I felt great after the delivery, this time I was much more in control and was able to focus on my breathing. It was such an awesome experience! The recovery time was also amazing! I've been on Motrin for the mild pain and aside from the horrible hemorrhoids, feel great! I only tore a little and had one stitch. Gabe's head was smaller than Drew's, I had 3 stitches with Drew.

Well I am off to sleep in my own bed. Little Gabe is asleep in the pack N play next to my bed and Drew is fast asleep in his big boy bed. We shall see how Night #1 at home goes!

Also - there are a ton of new pictures posted to the right under "William's Photo Album"


Cara McLeod said...

I knew something was up when you hadn't made a post after Monday's scheduled appointment!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Gabe is a cutie!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! God Bless you all..love susan and larry elliott

The Singh Family said...

Congratulations Melissa, John and Drew. I was hoping he had arrived when I didn;t see any updates after the 14th.


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