Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Crazy Family!

I just have to share with you how crazy and fun it is to be married to a youngest! Last night John and I were talking, I had noticed he had drifted in to a type of "funk" - he was not his normal jovial self. After much conversation it came out that he missed his family and their hunting trips. His brother just returned from Afghanistan for a visit and the boys and their dad are going hunting. His sweet brother had offered to buy John's ticket home if he could come for a brief visit. Well, John being the sweet and wonderful husband that he is didn't even consider flying to Portland since I am so close to delivering our precious little boy. I love to see my husband smile, so I told him I didn't care if he went for a few days? I was not going into labor before Monday since my FFN test came back negative (I hope!). I told him I thought he should go enjoy himself.

After very little prodding, he said, "well lets go check flights!" So, at 11:15 pm we were searching online for cheap(er) last minute flights. Would you believe we found one - thank you Jesus! His flight was to leave that morning at 8:00 am. Now, I being the oldest and less spontaneous one didn't really like the idea of waking our 2 1/2 year old up at 6:00 am, fighting traffic, and then coming home and not being able to get Drew back to sleep, so John suggested I drive him over to the airport tonight! So, at 1:00 am, John is packed and ready for his big adventure. I woke Drew from his sweet slumber, put him in the car, and proceeded to listen to Drew's excited statements about going to the airport! He loves planes and airports! Now is where the story gets really wild!

Half way to the airport Drew starts to cough, as my normal habit, I ask Drew "Are you ok?" I repeated it again.... nothing. John turns on the car lights and we turn around to see Drew vomit all over himself and the car. Poor little guy, his face reflected sheer terror from being covered in sticky smelly puke. So, John turned the car around and we went back home to change Drew's clothes and clean up the car seat. By now it is 1:45 am. After cleaning him all up, we all pile back into the car and head to the airport for the second time. It is now 2:15 am. We arrive at the airport and drop Daddy off. Drew cries because he wanted to go into the airport and ride the escalators! Mommy and Drew finally arrive back home at 3:00 am and all was quiet and asleep by 3:30 am.

8:00 am Thursday morning came really early!

Drew really does have the flu, he has been glassy eyed all day, content to watch DVD's and sleep in his special big boy bed. His Auntie Julie arrived this evening which really cheered him up. He had a few perky minutes and then got sick again. Poor thing! I have been babying him all day and trying to get him to drink Pedialite. He hasn't wanted anything to eat and his tummy has been aching a lot. He is so sweet and precious to cuddle with when sick, I am enjoying the opportunity to spoil and love on him! Drew did keep saying all day that he wanted to go back to the airport and pick up Daddy, he thinks that is where Daddy is right now. The picture above is of Drew sleeping today, his little face is red from the fever. My sweet little angel is so tender when sick, I hate to see him suffer so much.

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