Thursday, November 8, 2007

D Day Is Coming

The human body is an amazing thing! I made an early appointment to see my OB today, I have had a feeling my blood pressure was starting to rise and my contractions were getting more regular and painful. i was amazed to discover that my blood pressure was 140/90! Then my doctor looked at my chart from Drew and would you believe that my body did the exact same thing at the exact same time? On Monday I will be going in for another appointment and if history repeats itself I could be sent to Labor and Delivery to induce labor. I would be exactly 35 weeks 6 days, the exact same gestation that Drew was born. Dr. W stated that some bodies are just like that, they only go up to a certain point and then the BP rises in the body's attempt at delivering the baby.

The good news is that I am still 1 CM dilated and only 50-60% effaced - I really was expecting her to say 3 CM! Little Gabe's head is down and somewhat movable. Gabe is still moving well and keeping active. The toxemia hasn't set in yet, but I know the signs to look for. We are praying that my BP waits until Monday to go up more. I would love to get to 36 + weeks!

Dr. W also had blood drawn to check my levels just to be sure my body is handling everything ok. I am on bed rest until Monday, it should be a long and boring weekend.

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Anonymous said...

wow.. so anytime soon you'll be in that hospital. How exciting. I'm only 22 weeks.. just now starting to look pregnant. I can't wait till i'm all big! well congrats and hope everything goes well for you! :)