Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hospital Trip #1

We are back from an overnight trip spent in Labor and Delivery. I went in on Saturday evening with a blood pressure of 150+/102+. My BP had progressively worsened throughout the day, I was also having upper gastric pain and a very mild headache. John, my knight, stayed with me the whole night while they monitored my BP, took blood labs, 12 hours of urine samples, and the highlight - an ultrasound of little Gabe. All checked out well and my BP was able to get back within normal range by late evening. Little Gabe measured on the small side - 5 pounds 8 oz and mommy and daddy enjoyed watching him on the monitor. The blood flow from the placenta to his body looked great, which is what I was worrying about. My doctor sent me home on bed rest until Wednesday, when we will re-evaluate everything. It would be great to get to 37 weeks!

Drew handled the whole thing with much ease, he spent the night with Nana and then went to church this morning. He visited us around 1:00 this afternoon and the first thing he said was "Mommy, you ok?" He quickly saw all was well and went on playing with things in the room. Our friends the Tyson's also visited and we were able to see little Ethan, who isn't so little anymore! John treated me to a drive thru lunch at Sonic and then we went home where I rested with my feet up in the garage. My mom, such a sweetheart, came over after watching Drew for 24 hours and cleaned my house. I love my mom!

Drew has school tomorrow and John is off until Wednesday. Grandma Patti will be here tomorrow night to help us out!

Oh, we are still waiting to hear about the teaching job in Graford, John found out on Friday that it is between him and another person. The principal was checking John's references on Friday too, so we hope to hear something this coming week.

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The Tyson Family said...

Were you writing this with your feet up? I'd like to see that! Can't wait to meet Mr. Gabe!