Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Week Was Packed

We had a very busy week. I've posted some of the pictures = we had two Birthday's and went to the Pumpkin Patch! Drew spent the weekend with Nana and Mommy and Daddy spent their time relaxing and enjoying the opportunity for some quiet. Drew had a blast with Nana and didn't want to come home on Sunday, so Nana took him to carve his pumpkin! Then we celebrated my (mommy's) birthday that evening. John bought me a new IPOD so I've been listening to music and planting the last of my tulips in the back yard. We are still adding dirt to the flower beds - seems like a never ending process. We also watched the air show from our backyard over the weekend, so Drew is totally into jets now. He thinks that the Blue Angels is an every day occurrence since we were able to watch 2 days of practice and then 2 days of the real thing. Kitty didn't like the Blue Angels very much I think it took her back to her days in Iraq. She barked a lot and then finally calmed down. Drew is turning into a little musician, he has a little recorder that I pulled out of his closet - we now hide it a lot because he won't put it down.

John and I are going through a parenting book with our bible study called "Shepherding A Child's Heart" by Ted Tripp. This week we spent a lot of time focusing on Drew's attitude towards obedience. Drew is pretty well behaved, but his attitude behind the obedience has gotten rather reluctant. He likes to whine about doing things instead of obeying with a joyful heart. The first part of the week he wasn't took happy about obeying right away ... joyfully, but near the end of the week his attitude had improved a lot. He was even more cuddly and helpful around the house. On Friday I was cleaning up and Drew asked to help vacuum and then he found all the shoes in the house and put them in the bench where they belong. He also enjoys feeding Kitty treats and brushing her short coat. Drew and Kitty are fast becoming best of friends. Drew loves to play tug a war with her and throw her ball. Kitty is enjoying her life as a house pet, but still misses the big adventures of her past.

Oh, we had some other exciting news! This week was our first week to wear pants! Then it warmed up into the 80's mid week, but as of tonight we are falling back into the 70's during the day! Hello Fall....finally!

I posted a ton of pictures on Drew's blog. just select the "William's Photo" Link to the right.

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The Tyson Family said...

Happy Birthday Melissa!!! Can't wait to go out on Wednesday and spend some time with you. I had to work today and it was so busy. I am sorry I didn't call.