Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Little Bee and His Finally Finished Bed!

Drew celebrated the last day in October by moving into his new bed! Daddy finished his bed and moved it up the stairs today - in three pieces! The bed weighs over 200 pounds, I hope it doesn't fall through the floor. Drew is in love with his Daddy's custom made bed, he can jump on it and it doesn't make a sound and he can build a fort under it for himself and Kitty. Kitty also loves it because the bed is tall enough to sleep under.

Drew also dressed up like a Bee tonight and visited a few neighbors, begging for candy. He was especially fond of the orange sucker that he picked out at Mr. Roy's house. Nana also came by and took him to her neighborhood to visit some friends. What a fun day!

In all the excitement Drew did succumb to sickness. He went to school this morning and at lunch told his teacher he wasn't hungry, then he proceeded to get out his nap mat and go to sleep. Poor guy! His temp has been around 99.5 all afternoon. He mentioned his ear hurt, so we shall see how Drew feels tomorrow. If it is an ear infection, most of the time they run their course without medication. I hope the little guy feels better tomorrow! John is also feeling a little under the weather too, so it must be going around. I, on the other hand feel great, it must be all those pregnancy hormones. Only a few more weeks until we get to meet the newest Williams!

Gabe is currently rolling around in my tummy as I type. He has had the hiccups the past few days which is very cute to feel. Gabe moved head down again, so lets see if he stays put. My contractions are coming back, I haven't had many since my 24th week, it must me the ever growing size of Gabe and the fact that I am getting closer to my due today. I think my body is getting things ready. I have been having some light cramping, a lot of lower abdominal pain and my pants won't fit around my hips anymore - which should give Gabe ample room to make his descent. I am up to 167 pounds - yikes! My BP is still low and I check it a few times a week just to be sure - today it was 115/72 which is almost back to my normal BP - looks like all that water and vitamins are paying off. My next doctors appointment is on Monday morning - 11/5.

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