Monday, October 15, 2007

Humility In Action

Northwood Blog - for more comments and info on the Makeover

I just wanted to take a few seconds to brag on my wonderful husband! I have never been so proud as I was on Friday and Saturday watching him serve people. John spent Wednesday through Saturday building and prepping for the Makeover that was sponsored by our church and implemented by the congregation. Everyone involved was a hero! The body of Christ, came together with a vision to change the community in Haltom City. This week was the culmination of all that prep work! Read the previous post in the Star Telegram for the summary of what went on. I have heard that over 120,000 was spent to remodel 4 homes and that over 30% of our congregation participated. That is huge! All the families loved their new homes and this project has opened many doors for talking about the love of Christ and being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Since I am too pregnant to help remodel a house, I brought over sugar to the 100 person crew on Friday night. That was when I first saw John's beautiful front porch, he created an English style white porch with hanging baskets. It was beautiful. I watched him humbly serve others who were not the most "handy" of people and encourage all the workers. He followed decorators around hanging mirrors and cutting crown molding. John worked from Friday and 12:00 until Saturday evening at 7:30 with only a 40 minute nap. I couldn't believe his demonstration of servant hood. The house turned out beautiful, but most of all I look at all the people he served and smile, what a picture of our Christ! I am so very proud of what John did, and thank God for giving Him the health and energy to serve in such a way. I noticed a comment on the church blog that made me cry when I realized it was about my sweet husband, it said

"My life lesson was to see a picture of how God uses us. John Williams is a walking Home Depot. John has every tool ever invented AND he knows what he is doing. He can build stuff at 1,000 mph yet he would slow down and teach guys a skill…”mark your line hear, remember the blade will do this, drill it like this.” Though he could have gone much faster on his own, he valued the importance of relationships and growing people. That is how God allows us to participate. God could do it much faster on His own but has chosen to let us be a part of His redemption. It was a really cool picture for me."

I am truly blessed to be married to such a servant leader, John is always thinking of others, especially his wife and family. I am so honored to call him mine! So many people came up to me and bragged on John, one person called him a hero. Everyone was a hero on that day, but I was deeply moved to see John using his god given gifts to bless and serve others. I beamed with pride on Friday night when asking if anyone knew where my husband John was, a sweet lady said "oh, John, he is well known around here, he can fix anything and is wonderful at teaching! You are a very lucky lady to be married to someone like that!" I hardily agreed!

I believe the best part of all the attention John was given was his humble attitude. He always seemed to deflect the attention off of himself and onto the Lord. I know the Lord gives us all skills, so all the cheers and appreciation really does go to our Lord. Thank you Jesus for this awesome opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus! What a privilege we have been given.

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