Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fun Times!

Our family had a great week visiting with family and friends! My friend Bethany came down from Oregon for 6 days! We went on the hunt for Dinosaur fossils, ate Pennini sandwiches, chased down frogs for the garden, shopped at the Goodwill, visited the park and Starbucks, went swimming, went to my women's group, enjoyed my baby shower, played with our kids, and even managed a short trip to Hobby Lobby. We both had an exhausting but exciting time! My sister and her husband Ruben also came down for the baby shower. We enjoyed visiting and Drew loved showing them what he has been learning in school.

As for Drew and school --he is in heaven! Drew loves to go to school, or "church" as he calls it. Drew loves to talk about "teacher Lilo and Nene (Shilo & Amy). This week he learned about the letter "H" and painted hippo's and hand prints. He also enjoyed playing with orange play dough. Too fun! Drew still naps at school and has started sitting on the potty, but still hasn't actually gone to the bathroom in the toilet. He will get an M&M when he does!

My pregnancy is going well! Once the baby shower was over it finally hit me that we are in the home stretch - one month into the third trimester! Little Gabe will be here before I know it. The last few days I have started to swell, my feet and hands are taking the brunt of the water! My next appointment is on Monday when my Blood Pressure will be taken. I am downing the water like a crazy women in hopes of flushing out all the toxins! Lets pray for low blood pressure and no protein in my urine. It is still too early to talk about inductions or bed rest!

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The Tyson Family said...

It was great meeting Bethany and spending some time with you! You look great and I am so glad that this preganancy has gone so well! Little Gabe will be here before you know it!