Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week Thirty-One

Baby Growth
The rate of physical growth slows down just a bit, but even though she doesn't get much longer, she will gain a lot of weight the rest of the pregnancy.
Fat continues accumulating. This layer of fat turns her skin from red to the rosy pink she will have as a newborn.
Calcium, phosphorus and iron are being stored and his bones are growing and hardening.
Your baby is 16.2 inches (41.1cm) long and weighs 3.3 pounds (1502gm)
His brain enters another period of rapid growth, producing hundreds of billions of new nerve cells! Amazing!
She may move to the rhythm of music. Studies with heart rates show that she also prefers some types of music to others -- already!
Lungs are the only major organ left to complete development. Remember, that while you may be anxious to meet your little one that these last few weeks can be vital - with each day increasing your baby's ability to breathe on her own.

Doctors Appt News

My doctor's appointment went very well. My Blood Pressure was a little high - 126/80, but my doctor said it was low enough to just monitor it. My cervix is still fully closed and there wasn't any protein in my urine. I am still waiting for my FFN test results but since they didn't call me back today I can assume they are negative. Gabe's is still head up - placed right into my rib cage! Everything looked great! My next appointment is on 10/22. It will be my 33 week appointment. We looked over my BP for my pregnancy with Drew and it looks like it started rising at 26 weeks, just like with this pregnancy. It wasn't until week 35 that my BP rose over 140/90. Hopefully that trend remains. My doctor said she just delivered a woman yesterday who was taking the progesterone like myself. She was 37.5 weeks, unlike her previous 33 week pregnancy.

Baby Gabe is getting big and putting tons of pressure on my bladder. I am trying to drink 80 ounces of water a day in hopes of flushing out all the toxins. Lately that has meant about 7 trips to the restroom each night - sleep is starting to get very uncomfortable!

It is all so worth it! We can't wait to meet little Gabe - only another 5-6 weeks to go!

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