Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekly Video's that were too cute not to post!

Drew had such a fun weekend, he played with friends, went grocery shopping with mommy, and helped Daddy build a shed for the neighbor. On Saturday we visited the new Hobby Lobby that opened near our house. Drew saw a model train set there that he fell madly in love with. I explained that we weren't buying the train, but he could ask Daddy later and maybe he would build it with him. That evenings, Drew remembered! He asked Daddy if he could build the train set and kept saying "Daddy buy it!" I am sure this train set is meant for kids around the age of 12 not 2 1/2. Anyhow Daddy told him that he would buy the train when he went poopo on the potty for a whole week. Maybe that will be enough incentive to start potty training!

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