Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thanks for Praying!

Wow, I was so worried going into my Dr. Appointment today. I thought for sure I would be dilated a little, but God was so good! I am still fully closed! To give you a perspective, when I was pregnant with Drew at 27 weeks I was 2 centimeters dilated already. My FFN test will come back tomorrow and the nurse should call me with the results. My orders were to keep doing what I've been doing - monitoring contractions, drinking water, going potty every 20 minutes, and resting on my right side if I have more that 4 contractions in a row. My next appointment is September 21, they won't check dilation, just perform another FFN test. The tests are only valid for 2 weeks, so my appointments are now being scheduled on two week intervals. My blood pressure is still holding strong at 120/80, which is slightly higher that my normal 112/72, but being pregnant has a lot to do with that. Also I had my glucose test today and should get those results on Monday - I don't expect any issues there.

I am so relieved! Two more weeks of freedom! I just have to get to 33 weeks and then it won't be so critical. Once 33 weeks hits I can't be hospitalized and the baby should be big enough to hold on a few weeks. I am praying we safely make it to 36 weeks, 37 would be perfect and 40 would be torture! I've never understood how anyone can carry to 40 week.

Pray for me Sunday - I am talking to a group of ladies at our mentoring kickoff about why mentoring is so important and then a testimony about the effects mentoring has had on my life. Also pray for John, he starts back to work part time at HD this Sunday afternoon. His arm in still tingling but his neck pain is almost going!

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