Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Little First Born!

Tonight was just like most nights, we had our bath, read books, and then I left Drew to look at books for about 30 minutes. Only, tonight when I went to kiss him goodnight and say his prayers he was fast asleep. The funny part is that he logically decided to go to sleep because he neatly stacked all his reading books back in his nightstand where they go. He is definitely a type A - he also insists on hanging up all our keys on the hooks, he always turns out the lights, and hates having doors open. Just look at the two pictures - one was taken at nap time a few days ago and the other was from tonight! Too funny!

Drew has been chatting a ton this week. He has also been engrossed in reading books. At night he would listen to us read for hours. He is doing great in his big boy bed - he won't get out without one of us coming in and telling him he can. This week we played at the park, went on some walks around the neighborhood, kept to our cooking schedule, gardened, and cleaned up the house. Drew had school on Monday and Wednesday- he loved it, especially taking his special backpack on wheels! Drew loves to play quietly in his room each day - about 30 minutes. On Friday I spied on him and watched him play his little book piano, read to himself making animal noises, flying around his cars and planes, and banging on his drum. Too cute! He also loves to sing aloud. Drew's favorite word is "sure" and his favorite phrase is "daddy (or mommy or Nana) fix it." Today we were reading Green Eggs and Ham and it came to the part where the train falls into the ocean. Drew immediately said "Drew saw ocean, he cried!" Yes, he will forever remember the Pacific Coast by the fact that he cried the whole time.

Oh, Daddy will be so proud of this one. Nana was reading through magazines with Drew yesterday and came to a Home Depot Add - Drew saw the orange logo and said "Nana, Home Depot" I think he also said something about Daddy working there.

Daddy's white car broke down a few days ago and today John towed it to the shop. Drew watched all this and then started balling because he didn't understand that the car was going to get fixed and then would be back. He kept crying "No, Daddy fix it, where did Daddy's white car go." I kept telling him that the car was broken and needed to go get fixed, then it would be back. He didn't understand why Daddy couldn't fix it here. He thought the car wasn't coming back.

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