Saturday, September 8, 2007

Good News/Bad News

We found out on Friday that my FFN test came back negative! I am so excited I could do jumping jacks! I am wondering if some of my contractions are due to me stressing out, today I worked for two hours in the yard planting a few things our neighbor gave us. I was exhausted, but felt great - even the heaviness in my abdomen is gone! I have had one contraction all day long, I guess that is proof that stress/worry induces my contractions.

The bad news is that I failed my glucose test so I have to go back and take a three hour test on Tuesday. I really hope it comes back negative! My friend who is a L&D nurse says that about 75-80% of people who fail their first test pass their second - so I am hoping I'm not in the 20-25%. Overall we are so excited to be free for another two weeks! I am feeling great, enjoying getting everything organized, and cleaning like mad, oh and reading a ton of books. I did manage to put together our weekly meal plan for this upcoming week, then I looked through ads and coupons and made a grocery list, then John went to Alberton's and I went to Kroger in search of our deals. John was the envy of all the women in Alberton's because he was pushing Drew around in a coupe cart, looking over his list, and carrying around the adds. His great deals landed him a 47.00 bill a savings of 50%! The cashier was very impressed and couldn't believe all that he took home. Now our fridge is full of meals that should last us the next 7 days. We even stocked up on some freezable items that were on sale!

My sweet friend Nicole and my mom are hosting a baby shower on September 29th! I am so excited to see everyone and catch up on all their happenings. A few of the ladies are pregnant so it will be great to see how they are coming along.

John spent the day working with his group for the home makeover next month. Our family was chosen by an essay the 5 year son wrote, his mother was just diagnosed with cancer and his father is a truck driver, both are not covered by insurance. They have an autistic 18 year old son and a daughter who is 13. They seem like such a sweet family. John is thrilled to recruit some of his friends to help out! It is a huge job, but well worth all their effort. God has been so good to provide donations and man power to accomplish this great feat.

Drew spent today playing in the dirt at Nana's with the neighbor boys and then came home and played with his friends Riley and Reese. He was beaming all day from all the play time with friends.

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