Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good News

My Glucose test came back normal! The nurse said that a bowl of ice cream the night before will throw off the results. So, lesson learned - fast before taking the 1 hour glucose test even though they say you don't have to, otherwise you get to take the 3 hour test where they taken your blood 4 times. Ouch!

Also, my FFN test came back negative. So, this pregnancy is a huge miracle! With Drew I was in the hospital by this point, after 3 weeks of bed rest at home, and I was 2 cm dilated.
God is so good!

Drew and I went to the pond with Kitty this evening. I was able to conserve some energy today and made it all the way there and back with only 5 contractions. Kitty had fun swimming in the pond and running all around. Drew enjoyed playing on the rocks and finding sticks to play with. I was also able to take a few good pictures of the little guy. Then I left my camera laying on the ground where we were playing. I remembered about an hour later and had to borrow a neighbors car to go back and get it. I tell you I loose everything these days! Praise though! Drew found my keys today, they had somehow ended up in the toybox. I lost them two weeks ago and knew they were somewhere in the house! I really hoped I hadn't thrown them in the garbage by accident. Now if I could only find my IPOD!

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