Monday, September 24, 2007

A Glimps into the Life of A Mother

As a short, 5 foot 1 inch, 30 week pregnant woman, I tend to spend a decent amount of time in the restroom. Today was an ordinary day, I walked into the downstairs half bath for a quick 1 minute trip to the restroom - I sighed, anticipating a quiet few seconds to catch my breath. No sooner had I sat down when our 2 year old walked in "Mommy, what ya doing?" I would think after 7 months of frequent trips to the restroom it would be blatantly obvious! "Mommy is going potty" I replied. "Oh, Drew said. Then he came in and tried to flush the toilet for me. In the process, since the door was now ajar, our dog Kitty walked in, sniffed the air and laid down on the floor. I closed the door! The next thing I know our cat Winston, who hates closed doors, walked by and started crying for something - food or to be let outside. As I was finishing up my husband yells from the kitchen wanting to know where something was.

I smiled in disbelief at the life before me! "Isn't it great" I thought "to be needed by so many!"

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