Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Funny Things You Never Thought You Would Say

Funny Things You Never Thought You Would Say

"Drew, please take the cereal off your toe, it belongs in your mouth."

In response to Drew wanting his bear to have a glass of coffee (vanilla milk).

"Oh Drew, bear doesn't want coffee, bears are allergic to coffee."

"Don't dip your roll in your milk." Drew replies "can I dip my broccoli?"

Drew is so excited for school to start tomorrow. He met his teachers Mrs. Shiloh and Mrs. Amy today, his favorite part was playing with all the toys. We also saw his teacher from last year and Drew couldn't figure out why we weren't going to her class. He was a little shy meeting his teachers today, but is very excited to go! Tonight we got his backpack ready and then Drew insisted on wearing his Preschool T-shirt from last year to bed. After placing Puppy, Bunny, his plane, and a few other toys in his backpack he informed me that he was leaving. I said "where are you going." to which he replied "to see my teacher." Drew didn't quite get that school was tomorrow, not tonight.

I love the structure for his class, they have music, Spanish, PE, and have breaks for potty time. None of the kids in Drew's 2 year old class are potty trained, but they do work on it at school and get an M&M if they go in the potty. I hope Drew catches on! This year Drew will be attending Preschool 2 days a week - Monday and Wednesday. He can't wait to get messy with art projects and glue! I was thrilled to see that he had Mrs. Shiloh this year, we met her last year every morning as she stood outside her class and greeted each student by name! She has tons of energy which is a great asset when dealing with eight 2 year olds!

Drew is turning into such a character, he says and does the funniest things! Like today, he insisted on having his bear eat lunch with him at the little table. He even put his bib on the bear, fed him teddy grahams, and got out a bowl and placed 1/4 of his 'lillybutter" (peanut butter and jelly) sandwich in the bowl. He then engaged the bear in deep discussions and insisted that the bear wanted his own glass of coffee!

Drew is sleeping so much better, he now loves his big boy bed! He doesn't get out or turn on t he light. Lately, he reads books for about 30 minutes before I turn out the light, they it takes about 20 minutes for Drew to fall asleep. Nap time is much the same, most afternoons he has a 1-1.5 hour quiet time in his room where he can read books or play quietly. About 3 days a week he ends up falling asleep. He pulled out his school nap mat a few days ago and I found him sacked out in his closet sleeping on the mat. It was so cute!

Drew is learning more each day, he still has no interest in learning his colors but has moved on to shapes. He knows "star" "circle or "ircle" and "oval" or "woval". He knows the numbers 1-10 but won't ever say them in order. When he counts he only does to 2 - one, two, one two. Lately Drew is into rocket ships and loves to "blastoff!" He can clap to the beat of a song and is known to hum parts of "flight of the bumble bee" and "William Tell's Overture" thanks to the Little Einsteins!

On to other members of the family Kitty is having fun this summer. She has been swimming in the pond and chasing her ball around the house on our new floors. She is so funny to watch slip and slide all over the place. Her latest trick is to take her ball to the top of the stairs and then drop it down and frantically chase after it. She does this for 30 - 45 minutes! She also loves to drop her ball in front of Drew because she knows he will always throw it for her. Drew has learned to tell Kitty to lay down. Tonight at dinner, we told Kitty to go "Platz on your mat" while we ate. A short time later she got up and was searching for crumbs under Drew's chair and Drew kept telling her "patz" "patz" - at first we couldn't figure out what he was saying but then we realized he was telling Kitty to lay down. Drew can also tell Kitty to "loose" and Kitty will actually listen to him! Those two are funny together. My mom took Drew to Oklahoma over the weekend and Kitty jumped in the car next to Drew and wouldn't get out. I practically had to drag her out of the car. She thought that if Drew was going, so was she.

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