Thursday, September 6, 2007

Drew's First Day of Preschool

Drew loved his first day of school! He walked right in to his classroom and didn't look back - didn't even cry. On Drew's first day he played with paint and made circle art, learned the color red, went to music, ate lunch out of his Thomas lunch pale, met new friends, played in the playground, and went to Spanish class. He also loved resting on his nap mat!
Drew chatted my ear off all the way home and on into the afternoon. He was so buzzed from socializing that he wanted to play more with his friends. Alas, in the evening he came down with a fever and his cold/cough became worse. Poor little guy went to bed at 7:00 pm with a decongestant and fever medicine. He woke up feeling much better this morning, but his cough is still raspy and deep.
Mommy has her big DR appointment today, please pray I am not dilated and my FFN test comes back negative. My contractions are still fairly controllable, but are more frequent. In fact, all I have to do is think about contractions and I have one. The past few days I have taken it very easy, resting a lot or sitting at my desk. Drew doesn't understand why mommy can't pick him up. He has been cuddling more and enjoys giving kisses mommy's tummy.
I posted more pictures on the picture page!

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