Saturday, September 22, 2007

2 Week Doctors Appt

My checkup went well - my FFN test was again negative and I am still not dilated.

I did get a eppy pen and a steroid spray for my injection sites. I have been having a large welt develop where my injection is given each week. I only have 5 more injections left and can't wait to be done with them. I am tired of the hormonal changes and being tired for 3 days after the shot. The spray seems to be working well and I will be using 4 injection sites instead of the two. Hopefully that will reduce the itching and burning in my hip/butt. I have also been taking benedryl at night to try and stop the irritation.

Gabe's heartbeat was strong and Drew had fun listening to his brother. He kept saying that the baby was sleeping!

We took a baby dinner to a friend who had a 6 pound little boy on Monday. He was so little and looked and felt just like Drew when he was born. So sweet! Drew loved petting his hair and pointing out his eyes and nose and mouth and fingers! Drew can't wait for his little brother to arrive!

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