Saturday, September 22, 2007

1000 Gift List

151. our little boy's sweet response of "sure"
152. a tiny mouth munching on Fuji apples
153. Drew's leaving his classroom and said "bye ms. Lilo (shilo)"
154. Good Will Bargains on Saturday mornings
155. Watching Drew intently reading his "Home Depot Book Of Tools"
156. John volunteering to help a neighbor in building his shed
157. Drew's big boy bed
158. Sleep!
159. Nice clean tile floors with white grout!
160. Bargain and coupon shopping that drops the grocery bill in half!
161. Dinner Menu list so I always know what to make for dinner
162. Anticipation of a great friends visit
163. 2 negative FFN tests
164. Being confident to take Drew to my Dr. Appointments, watching him sit quietly in the chair reading "Green Eggs and Ham."
165. The smiles Drew brought to the Dr. waiting room when he proudly announces " Mommy there are two nemo's in there!" The doctors waiting room has a huge fish tank!
166. Daddy coming home from work!
167. Falling asleep realizing that John's neck pain was gone for that day!
168. Sweet kisses and hugs from my little boy
169. Energy to complete today's tasks
170. The wonders of bleach and the clean smell it brings to our home
171. Getting out the fall decorations!
172. Sunday awakens to Autumn - my favorite season of all!
173. A cool(er) evening with the windows open
174. Funny katydid laying on the back patio that "squawks" at me when I go to roll it over. I jumped halfway across the patio and almost dropped the phone - it brought a great laugh
175. Drew's frogs/toads Kermit and Sally that live in between my Strawberry's and heather - they are always there to great us in the evenings when we water.

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