Wednesday, August 1, 2007

We found out!

We are having a little boy! He was sprawled out waiting for his big shot on the screen, weighing in at just under a pound. Drew was very excited to see his little brother on the monitor and chatted through the whole process about is baby and trains and cars. John was thrilled to hear that it was a boy, he has been talking all evenings about how life will be with "his boys."

The news about the progression of the pregnancy so far is great! My cervix is measuring at 3 inches which isn't ideal but is still above the concerned line of 2 inches. My cervix is closed tight and I have had very few contractions this week. Also the Dr. said it was fine to come in every 6 days for my injections instead of the 7 -- most of my contractions and the heaviness in my abdomen have started on day 6.
The picture above is a face view with his mouth open. He was too squirmy to get any good pictures so this was as good as it gets. At one point he put his arm over his face like he knew he was being watched. He didn't like the pressure from the ultrasound wand either, he kept kicking and rolling around while the lady was trying to take his measurements.
We don't have any name nailed down yet, so John has taken to calling him "the boy" just like with Drew.
I think I am nesting already, I can't wait to get everything put away and cleaned up in case I get stuck on bed rest again. John just laughs and tries his best to get things done around the house. John's brother David will be visiting for a week and a half - John is relieved to have the extra help. Together they will be laying the flooring in the living room, putting shelves in the laundry room for all our books (currently in the baby's room) and building Drew's new big boy twin bed. They will be busy!

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Kerry said...

Congrats! You'll LOVE having two boys. I have a 2 year-old and a 8-month old. It'll be so much fun when they get older and can play together!