Monday, August 6, 2007

This week just flew by! In all the excitement of seeing our little boy on the ultra sound, we weren't prepared for what was yet to come! John's brother David arrived on Thursday and my sister and husband arrived Friday. We also had a garage sale on Saturday while John and David worked in the garage. I am so excited to say that the house is being put back together and it looks awesome! Our neighbor came over yesterday and was in awe, he loved everything John had done... so do I! The living room floor is being finished today, it is beautiful. I had an exhausting weekend, I will be taking it easy from here on out. My pregnant body can't handle too much these days. My contractions are more frequent, but I am still able to control them by reducing stress on my body, my current sunburn isn't helping my body stay relaxed!

This weekend Drew played with his friend Jonathan and went swimming twice! He is getting more comfortable in the pool and his "Titi" taught him how to play under the mushroom that is in the kid pool He was petrified of it. He also went to a birthday party and played with his uncle. He had such a busy weekend that he missed both naps! We are putting him back on schedule today in hopes of keeping our sanity! Drew's vocabulary is growing, he talks non stop and most of it we can understand. He loves books too! I am waiting for some books to arrive from Family Life and Lamplighter Publishing which publishes classic books long forgotten for generations. I ordered Drew a set of books for preschool aged children, a few of the titles we are anxiously awaiting are:

Trusty Tried and True * soon to be Drew's favorite because it is about a train!

I can't wait for them to arrive!

I spent a little time working in the baby's room, I cleaned out the closet and moved all the baby items out of Drew's closet and into the guest room. I also sorted clothes and dusted a little. The next step is to get Drew into a big boy bed so his new brother can use it.

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