Monday, August 27, 2007

Stubborn children

Our little boy is growing up and stretching out his arms to find the boundaries.... again! Ever since Drew was moved into a big boy bed he has been retesting his boundaries. The new sleeping freedom has brought out a stubborn streak - one mommy and daddy didn't know Drew had. Last night when I went to bed, little sweet Drew was laying awake reading a Beatrix Potter book -- almost angelic like; never mind that it was 11:00 pm, he had been in bed 2 1/2 hours already, and he disobeyed by turning on the light and getting out of bed to find a book. I was shocked. Then today, Drew decided that leaving the table at dinner without asking to be excused was the norm. I couldn't believe that he sat in his chair 1 hour past dinner just because he refused to say "may I please be excused." Now, Drew has been asking to be excused for at least a year so it shouldn't have been an issue, but he made it into one. Other limits are being tested too, he is conveniently not listening to our instructions, forgetting to follow through with something we have asked, and the whining is terrible. To look for the good - Drew did pick up all his toys last night without any fuss and went right to bed tonight. I just checked on him and he is fast asleep at 8:00pm!

Mommy and Daddy are tired! Our sweet little boy will return soon, just as long as we are consistent in our discipline and follow through with what we say! John was reading to Drew and I today from Proverbs 15, verse 32 was very convicting for me, it says

"He who neglects discipline despises himself, But he who listens to reproof acquires understanding."

Lord, may I discipline this child of yours so that he may grow to be wise, disciplined, loving and have deep love for you. How will Drew ever relate to You has his father if he doesn't understand that John and I must discipline because we love him, just as You Lord set boundaries for us through your Word because you dearly love us. Lord, give us wisdom and grace to follow after you. How often I am just like Drew, stubborn and disobedient. Thank you for your discipline and gentle reminders that turn me back to repentance. Please give our family a deep awareness of sin and a heart for repentance.


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