Friday, August 31, 2007


Drew had a great few days. He has been much more obedient and listening well. Wednesday and Thursday nights he was able to go right to sleep without any spankings! Before we moved Drew to a bog boy bed he would only get a spanking or two a month, but that changed to daily once the big boy bed came into play. The past few days he has been wonderful, his repentant spirit has returned! Just last night I went in to check on Drew and he was crying, I asked him why he was sad and he said in between broken sobs "light on ... sorry mama..." I deciphered and he confirmed that he had turned on his light and he knew he disobeyed and felt sorry. Wow, the words sorry only come out of Drew's mouth when prompted by mommy or daddy so this was huge! I sweetly told him that I was proud of him for telling mommy the truth and having a spirit of repentance. I then said that I forgave him and hoped he wouldn't do it again. Then a huge smile broke out across his face and he jumped into my arms for a hug. 10 minutes later when I checked on him he was fast asleep with a sweet smile on his face. Often I feel like our parenting in in vain, but this little glimpse into Drew's heart made all the discipline and correction worth it! My sweet little boy has returned more meek than I remember.
Drew starts school on Wednesday from 9-2, so I am sure his little world will once again spin and change. So far he is excited to see his friends from last year and meet new ones. Nana even bought him a Thomas backpack so he will "fit in" with all the other kids! To think mommy was going to send him to school with the same 1.99 IKEA backpack from last year! Drew added a new word to his vocab - "Oloma" or Oklahoma for those of you who speak English. Drew went with Nana to Oklahoma to visit his Titi and Tio. So far Drew has been gone 9 hours and I miss him a lot, he could care less that I am not there! I have a fun day tomorrow of weeding, gardening, and cleaning the house. I will make time for my daily nap and as always it is dependent on my contractions if my agenda gets done. Today my body wasn't cooperating so I rested more than usual. John gave me my injection today which is probably part of it, I am on a 6 day cycle and by day six most of the progesterone has been absorbed and my contractions are more frequent and intense. If history repeats itself I will not have a lot of energy tomorrow and will be hormonal. I am praying not, I have a lot to get done! John and I went to Home Depot tonight and bought more dirt for my flowerbeds in the back. Our sweet neighbor handles all the lifting and took all 10 bags into the backyard for us. Oh, they had Butterfly Bushes on clearance for 7.50 at HD! I have always wanted one and couldn't find them in stock and at a reasonable price. I can't wait to get it planted tomorrow along with my Fall Chrysanthemum's. My front flowerbed is overrun with weeds so I am going to try and tackle that too.
John and I are starting another spending/marketing fast for the month of September. I am excited to see how this month goes, the last time we fasted from TV, Starbucks, eating out, and any unnecessary spending we saved over 1,000 and had so much fun being creative. This time we are doing the same, but are adding in working on family devotions (which we have been totally slacking on) and I want to get into couponing. Overall we are seeking a more disciplined lifestyle that doesn't cave into every want or desire that comes our way - like drive through coffee and a quick run to McDonald's when mommy doesn't feel like cooking. The increase in dairy products at the grocery store is driving me insane too so couponing should help me be more disciplined and plan out my grocery trips! Oh and no more organic milk - it is up to 6.50 a gallon! Anyhow, we are saving the money for a Vietnamese missionary and for the Home makeover project in Haltom City. Our family is on the Yellow team and will be gutting and rebuilding a home for a needy family. Total our church is building 4 houses. John is responsible for the front porch, so if anyone wants to donate HD or Lowe's gift cards, cash, etc he would really appreciate it. Each group is responsible for their own fundraising which we are terrible at doing. All donations are tax deductible just e-mail me and I can give you the details. The project will be in October! I won't be helping much physically but I will be there cheering John and and keeping him awake with hot cocoa and Coke! Drew will probably get in on the action for an hour or so, just so he can use all those drill techniques that John has been teaching him!
Oh... exciting news! My best'est friend Bethany and her little boy Johnny will be visiting at the end of September! I am so excited! We are both pregnant so riding every roller coaster at 6 flags is probably out of the question. We can go to the FW Zoo and the Dinosaur Park in Glen Rose though!

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